LUMA is a Luxury Matchmaking service for Seattle, WA Millionaires, Executives, and single Professionals. Not simply a dating sites or services, we're an exclusive and elite boutique Matchmaker Search Firm that believes that you are more than just a number. We're dedicated to helping you attract, meet and keep your perfect match. 

We provide a high-end search that will vet a wide range of elite singles, in search for a quality match for you. We assist busy professionals who don't have time for online dating or meeting someone at a bar. If you are ready to enter a successful longterm relationship, LUMA is right for you. 





Boutique-style Matchmaking

The online dating and matchmaking world has become a data-driven system that can be disappointing. Despite the amount of dating sites available, the chances of meeting "the one" are slim. Even the most complex algorithms can't encode emotion and interpersonal skills.   

Many dating sites and services have become impersonal, making the experience bleak. However, at LUMA, we get to know your characteristics and desires. Unlike other services, we meet personally with you and your potential matches in order to ensure compatibility. Our pool of 20,000 singles and intensive search service promises a rewarding experience.

April Davis, our Founder and CEO, designed the firm around her passion for helping singles find "the one," which is why we constantly look for new ways to innovate, continuously taking our service to the next level. Schedule an interview with one of our Matchmakers today.