Our Matchmaking Process for Proactive Clients

Step #1 - In depth Interview
Step 1) You meet in person with your Matchmaker and go through an in depth interview and analysis. You will discuss who you are, who you are your past relationships, and who you’re ideal match is in the future.

Step #2 - Feedback & Date Coaching
Step 2) Receive feedback and date coaching from your Matchmaker. All our Matchmakers are also Certified Life Coaches so we’re able to use this knowledge to assist our clients. We don’t just want to find you your match, we want to ensure that you are properly prepared and putting your best foot forward in order to be in a successful relationship and maybe even meet someone on your own as well.

Step #3 - Search & Vetting Potential Matches
3) We begin our search. We utilize an open database, which allows anyone to join free of charge. This allows us to have more options be more selective on the people we match with our clients. Our Matchmakers meet with everyone in person to vet out potential matches on your behalf. On average we interview 40 potential matches per client. Matchmakers use their intuition to determine who would be a great match based on values, goals, personality, and several other “not on paper” criteria.

Step #4 - Meet your Match
4)  Next we introduce you to your match.  Introductions are on a first name only basis and is highly confidential for both people.   You meet and have coffee, lunch, or ideally some sort of activity based date depending on what activities you both enjoy and are open to doing.  Many clients enjoy just going for a walk and getting ice cream or even going to a comedy show.

It’s up to you two to decide if you’d like to see each other again and exchange contact information.

Step #5 - Feedback after the Date
5)  Both people will call the Matchmaker after and let her know how it went and what you liked or didn’t like, etc.  As a client, you will also get feedback from the Matchmaker.  Your Matchmaker may act as a go between and help the couple to get the relationship to the next level.