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When you're a preferred match, you will be given prioritization as a match to one of our clients. With over 20,000 members in our network, this option will help to improve your odds of being selected and meeting a great person.

Join now and your membership in the Preferred Match Database is good for one year. There is no guarantee you will receive an introduction unless you're accepted into Proactive Client membership, however, we will do our best. If you ever wish to upgrade and become a Client, then you can always apply to do so in the future.

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I understand the below terms. Client hereby enrolls for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of payment for $1200.00. Client will receive preferential selection as a match to LUMA’s clients and is not guaranteed introductions throughout the Term. LUMA Introduces Members, individuals or other Clients to Client based on the sole judgment of LUMA who may take into account the general criteria and guidelines specified by its Clients. LUMA makes no guarantees regarding the compatibility between the Client and any other individual Introduced to Client by LUMA. It is at Client’s discretion to pursue a meeting or date with the Introduced individual. The term “Introduction” as used herein shall conclusively mean the presentation of information about someone new to Client sufficient for Client to be able to contact, communicate, and coordinate a meeting with that individual.