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You’re busy, selective, and have high standards. You don’t have time to meet someone on an app or site. We have over 25,000 pre-screened singles waiting. Allow us to introduce you. 

Our clients don’t have to be millionaires, but we know you appreciate quality. That is why LUMA provides upscale, elite services including matchmaking, dating coach, wing-man or wing-woman, bio and profile image consulting, date planning, after date feedback, and much more to our clients who vary in professions from being millionaires, to executives, CEOs, business professionals, or simply professionals in their respective field.

Dating can be very time consuming, especially if you are trying to find a real connection and life partner as a busy professional. Although there are dating methods that do not require you to even leave your house such as online dating sites, dating apps, or even social media dating, these new age methods of dating could be tedious and tiring especially filtering through who is looking for a real relationship and who is looking for something more casual. Furthermore, even if the singles on these websites and dating apps are so easily available and might be looking for a relationship, it is tough to find someone who is willing to fully commit due to an overwhelming amount of dating options available in online dating. As a busy professional, LUMA recognizes that you don’t have the time to filter through these dating apps and you appreciate quality if you are looking to forge a long-term relationship with someone. So let LUMA take the burden off your shoulders and do the work for you.

Here at LUMA, we focus on quality, not quantity. To ensure LUMA is providing you with the very best quality matchmaking service you can find in the United States, we approach our Matchmaking service using the LUMA Match Method. We make sure to sit down with our clients face-to-face and get to know them, their characteristics, their wants and needs in a potential partner, and their overall ideal person to form a long-term relationship with. See this process as equivalent to making a dating app bio and profile except this time you are not limited to only 140 characters to explain what you have to offer and what you want. This allows us to customize our search parameters to best suit each of our clients individual preferences to assure we are delivering the utmost quality in our matchmaking service and elevating our clients dating experience on their quest to find love.

As a result of LUMA providing only the best service to elite singles looking for quality long-lasting relationships, we dignify ourselves in making sure that LUMA is a right fit for the client and can help each client we take on successfully find the partner that is right for them. For this reason, we do not accept every client that signs up with LUMA but only those that we feel can be successful with the guidance of our LUMA Matchmakers who are also Certified Life Coaches. This approach allows for us to maintain our strong business integrity by being honest with our clients and what we can help them succeed in when they use our matchmaking services.

With the help of LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking, you can find the missing puzzle you have been searching for in the dating world. That special someone you would like to have a thriving and committed long-term relationship with. LUMA has shown time and time again that we are well equipped with only the best Matchmakers that can help singles achieve the goal of meeting the love of their lives and having a successful relationship. With even more locations all across the United States, over 25,000 lovely and available singles in our database, and an 83% success rate in helping our clients find love, LUMA can help you in successfully finding true love so you can finally kiss the single life and the tiring dating world goodbye!

We’ve helped 1,000’s
of SINGLES find love. 


    All members are vetted to ensure the highest quality individuals. 

    We do initial screenings to ensure we can meet people’s expectations and only accept people we believe have the best potential to be successful through our service.

    We work as a team to match our clients and represent an average of only 15-20 clients per Matchmaker at a time. That way we can give you that much needed, one on one attention.

    We also work diligently with you at the beginning and along the way to provide you with valuable feedback and tips to help increase your chances for success.

    Your information is kept secure and for matchmaker eyes only.

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LUMA Luxury Matchmaking veers away from the traditional robotic motions of matchmaking. Our elite services are unique, personalized, and based on forging real, nuanced connections. We get to know our clients deeply to understand who they are, what they’re looking for in a life partner, and what they can bring into a relationship.

LUMA is a nationally recognized matchmaking service. Take membership on LUMA and find perfect partner.

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"He's a great guy. I trust you know what you're doing. Thank you for everything."

Shannon Beador - Real Housewives of Orange County



You’re single, busy, professional, successful, and have a lot to offer. You know what you want and you’re certainly not going to settle, but you’re not finding it. You’ve come to the right place.