Today I am going to be discussing an issue that I hear a lot of people bring up when discussing their frustrations with dating the opposite sex.  Often times I hear people complaining that all women are crazy or all men cheat. They will say things like none of the people that they are attracted to are responsive and that they are flakey. Or that the people they’ve dated are non-committal. They will only have sex, but don't want a committed relationship or marriage.

When you find yourself making statements that categorize others it may be high time you take a look in the mirror. Ask yourself what is the common denominator here in this trend. You will see that it is in fact you.

You cannot change other people, however, you can change yourself.  

If you find yourself in a pattern and are blaming other people for your misfortunes you need to realize that you’re the common denominator. You are the one that it is attracted to these types of people and why these things keep happening to you. Your actions are getting the same common reaction from others.  Take some time to reflect and come up with a plan how are you are going to change this course because you can’t change anyone. You can only change yourself.

If you are going after the wrong types of people, either you need to change who you're going after, reset your standards and expectations, or change yourself. I have a saying that I like to share with people. If you don't like the fish you're catching it's time to change your bait. If you are fishing and you're not catching anything, change your fishing spot. Another saying we’re all familiar with is, what's the common definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Let's stop the insanity!

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