As a Matchmaker, I get to hear all the stories and things that go wrong on a first date. People are often their own worst enemy when it comes to conversation.  They’d be better off just not talking at all. Here are the top things you can say on a date to ensure you don’t get a second:

Over Sharing

One big mistake that people make, especially on the first date is over sharing. While it is good to keep the conversation flowing, it is not a good idea to tell your date your entire life story. The first date should be fun and easy going. If things go well and you continue to see each other, there will be plenty of time to tell your partner all there is to know about you.

Conversation on a first date should consist of things that you have in common. This gives you an idea as to whether you are compatible with the person that you are dating.

Talking About Your Ex

One very common dating mistake is talking about your ex. Talking about them even a little bit is too much. Whether you are bashing them or discussing where the relationship went wrong, this is not something that your date wants to talk about. It could even give your date the idea that you are still interested in your ex or make them understand why your ex isn’t with you.  Your date is not a Therapist you’ve hired to sit there so they have to listen to you. Don’t treat them like one. Respect their time and leave the baggage at home.


I know this is a hot issue for some people, but seriously, leave this topic out of the conversation.  Not only is it not a good idea to talk about something that you two could have major differing opinions on, but just because there’s so much negativity here.  When people talk about politics they get so passionate and angry.  This is not attractive to your date.  Keep it positive and fun!  Your whole point of this first date is to get to the second one.  Focus on making the other person enjoy themselves.

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Hope this helps you.  See you next time!

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