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Summer Dating Secrets: Part 2

Summer Dating Secrets: Part 2

Freckling: when your summer love lasts as long as your summer freckles! It’s a summer fling that doesn’t last through fall. So how do you turn a freckle into a long-term relationship?

  1. Have Deep Conversations

    Go past the surface level and really get to know them. Ask more in-depth questions! Have you heard of the 36 questions to make someone fall in love with you? It’s an interesting conversation piece because it leads to much deeper conversations. If you go through the questions thoroughly, they say by the end you’re supposed to fall in love. ;)

    This can also bring you closer to your significant other if you’re already in a relationship.

  2. Find Balance

    A lot of times when people get in a relationship, they will disregard everything else in their life and just focus on the other person. What people need to do is still keep their priorities in check and have that balance. Don’t make them your entire life. The reason they like you is because of everything that you have going on in your world. :)

  3. Make Plans for the Future

    If you want the relationship to last, start talking about the future (trip plans together, things you want to do in the future, long-term goals). This shows you’re interested in pursing the relationship and that you want them to be a part of your future, lasting past summer.

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Summer Dating: Part 1

Summer Dating: Part 1

Fall and winter are when the hand cuffs go on and is called “the cuffing season” when people hunker down and get in a relationship to stay warm. Spring is the breakup season and people are out meeting new people. But what about summer? Finding real summer love isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Here’s how you can make summer dating easier:

1. Say “hi” to at least one new person a day. This is a great opener for people. Especially for the ladies to use, as we can sometimes appear unapproachable to men! (: Simply say “hello” or “hi, how are you?” to someone new every day.

2. Flirt with everyone!
Male, female, whoever. This helps you practice letting your bubbly, magnetic personality out to share with the world. This is attractive to others and will make dating easier for you.

3. Making a Priority If finding a relationship is important to you, you have to make it a priority. Do this by saying “yes” to invitations you get, try and get out at least once a week to meet new people, and participate in new activities.

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