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Summer Dating: Part 1

Summer Dating: Part 1

Fall and winter are when the hand cuffs go on and is called “the cuffing season” when people hunker down and get in a relationship to stay warm. Spring is the breakup season and people are out meeting new people. But what about summer? Finding real summer love isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Here’s how you can make summer dating easier:

1. Say “hi” to at least one new person a day. This is a great opener for people. Especially for the ladies to use, as we can sometimes appear unapproachable to men! (: Simply say “hello” or “hi, how are you?” to someone new every day.

2. Flirt with everyone!
Male, female, whoever. This helps you practice letting your bubbly, magnetic personality out to share with the world. This is attractive to others and will make dating easier for you.

3. Making a Priority If finding a relationship is important to you, you have to make it a priority. Do this by saying “yes” to invitations you get, try and get out at least once a week to meet new people, and participate in new activities.

Want Some Extra Help finding love this summer?

How to Overcome Jealousy

How to Overcome Jealousy

Have you ever felt jealousy that you just couldn’t explain? It wasn’t anything that your partner was doing necessarily. You knew you were wrong in feeling jealous. While feeling insecure in your relationship means that you likely feel insecure in other parts of your life.

The way to address this is by building up your confidence. Do things outside of your relationship that makes you feel good and improve your self-esteem. This, in turn, will help you feel better with your partner.

Some things you can do is focus on the exterior – hit the gym and workout, get a new hairstyle or makeover, or go to the mall to update your look if you haven’t done so in a while. The next step is to look at areas in your life where you can expand. You may consider learning another language, sport, or taking a class. All of these things will help you to expand and feel better about yourself. The final area that you need to focus on is self-love.

I know this sounds kind of corny, but hear me out. We all have those negative voices in the back of our heads that put us down. You need to tell them to shut up and replace the negativity with positive affirmations. Reprogram your brain. Thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions. Positive affirmations are a way to retrain your mind to change your thoughts.



Spring Clean Your Love Life

Spring Clean Your Love Life

Spring is the season for fresh starts, especially when it comes to love. There’s truth to the saying “Spring Flings turn to Summer Romances”. April is a common time for breakups, and many singles are ready to start looking for a fresh beginning with someone new.

Here’s how you can get yourself on your “A” Game for Spring Dating this year:

1. Dust off your confidence

Get out of hibernation mode and show the world that you’ve done so! Buy some nice new outfits, exercise more frequently, and/or get a haircut. Then, update your social media profile pictures sporting your fresh new look.

2. Delete the duds

Now is a good time to break free from the ones you don’t see a future relationship with. Delete contacts that are “old flames” that shouldn’t be rekindled.

3. Refresh your routine.

Get out there! Doing more activities you already love or have an interest in can help you meet other singles with the same interests as you. Are you into fitness and want a fit partner? Start up a gym membership and initiate a conversation with the cutie working out next to you. Love dogs? Take your pup to the dog park and start up a conversation with other dog owners. The opportunities here are limitless!




How to Decode Text Messages From Someone You're Dating

How to Decode Text Messages From Someone You're Dating

Have you ever received one of those cryptic texts that left you looking at your phone. What does that even mean? Today I’m going to discuss 3 text messages that people consistently send and how you, as a self-respecting individual can respond.

How Do You Know if Someone Likes You?

How Do You Know if Someone Likes You?

People are always asking me how to tell is someone is into them or not. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you determine if they’re interested.