Naturally, as a Matchmaker who talks with lots of singles daily, I hear a ton of stories about how people found out their ex was cheating on them.  In order for me to get a very thorough list I recruited the insights of my Divorce Attorney husband, Franz Davis. Together we created this list of 5 signs that your significant other has run astray:

1. They suddenly have a new interest in their physical appearance, but not in you

They have gone out and bought a whole new wardrobe or has had their hair/make-up made over.  Maybe they’ve recently joined the gym after years sitting on the couch or they’ve lost a bunch of weight with a new diet.  Many people will do these things, but the key factor in this sign is if they have made significant physical changes and haven’t paid you much attention in the process.  Usually if a person is improving their looks, they’re going to feel a new sense of confidence, which in turn makes them feel sexier and happier. This should naturally pour over into their relationship, but won’t if their attention is on someone else.

2. Change in routine

Maybe they’re suddenly hanging out with a new group of friends, have taken up a new hobby, is taking a new class, or has done something else suddenly that is taking up much of their time.  This new hobby /group/etc. has been prioritized now over other things such as family, your relationship, career, etc. that was always most important in the past. Much of their spare time is now being taken up by this new “thing” and the relationship is put on the back burner.

3. Private conversations

Maybe you notice them sitting in their car on the phone and not coming into the house until they hang up.  Perhaps they step out of the room so you can’t hear what they’re saying. If they don’t want you to hear what they’re saying, then it’s a pretty good sign they’re hiding something.

4. Withdrawal from joint friends and family

Cheaters feel guilty about what they’re doing and don’t want people to know about it.  More so, they don’t want to be questioned by those closest to them so often times they’ll cut ties with your family, your mutual friends, and even their own family in order to avoid feelings of guilt.  

They may have a new circle of friends they’re staying out late with or this new “group of friends” is simply a cover for the time they’re spending with person they’re cheating with.

5. Defensive

They may go on the attack and get very defensive if you ask them a simple question.  Often times cheaters will accuse the other person of being “crazy”, insecure, jealous, or perhaps cheating themselves.  They’ll accuse the other person of doing the same, because they feel guilty.

If you find yourself questioning your sanity and feeling unsure of your instincts, it’s probably a good sign you’re dealing with the defense mechanisms of a cheater.

Do you have any other signs you know of that are prevalent in a cheater? Share them with us in the comments below. Did you like this video? If so, subscribe and click the thumbs up button below.

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