Thinking back to your first date, the most important thing to consider was how the person made you feel. If you felt on-guard, as if they were considering you as an applicant for a position, you most likely will not be satisfied with a second date.

Someone who is too analytical and asking "qualifying" questions, instead of actually trying to get to know you, will most likely be making a checklist of how you measure up, and it's never fun to be on the receiving end of that exchange.

Secondly, consider how their behavior exhibited what they're looking for. Did they make it apparent that they are interested in your personality, and the potential for a relationship, or did their flirtatious attitude indicate that a sexual, casual relationship was all that they are interested in? Did their maturity level reflect that they are prepared to make an investment in a future relationship?

Lastly, consider their behavior between the first date and the request for the second date. Did they follow up in a way that exhibited their interest level? If they waited 3 weeks after the first date to reach out for the first time, it may be a sign that they are not as interested they should be for a second date.

What tips do you have to recover from an awkward start of a first date? Share them in the comments below.