Sometimes, even with the right person, a date gets off to a rocky start and starts heading in the direction of being a bad date. The first impression IS very important, but you can recover!

Offer an explanation!

Many times people tend to run from their mistakes and this could be the recipe for more trouble. If, in your assessment, you feel the nerves were your major undoing, don’t hesitate to let your date know about it. Anxieties surrounding the “first date” thing have caused many not to make their personalities shine. It takes courage for you to apologize for your mistakes, and this could be endearing. Offering your side of the story can free your mind as you look forward to a better date.

Give them a Second Chance

Even if it wasn't your fault that the date got off to a rocky start, it may be worthwhile to give the person a second chance! Maybe they are socially awkward, especially nervous because they had high expectations for the date, or had a slip of the tongue that could be cleared up by further explanation.

If these things aren't deal-breakers for you, give the person a call, and hear them out! Ask candidly what their impression of the date was, and ask for clarification on things that could have gone better.

There are exceptions, however. You should consider not going on another date with the person if it was more than just careless behavior. If the date went badly because they were rude to the waitstaff, made racist or misogynistic comments, or in some other way indicated that your impression wasn't a mistake but rather an indicator of the real person underneath the "first date facade," you may want to let them know that it's not a compatible match.

What tips do you have to recover from an awkward start of a first date? Share them in the comments below.