When venturing out into the dating world you will encounter all kinds of people with all kinds of different intentions. It can be difficult to know who is in it to just hook up, who’s not quite ready for a relationship, and who is. We put together a list of three things to look for when considering potential matches.

  • Relationship History - This should be cleaned up. People who are marriage material don't have a ton of baggage from their past relationships. They also shouldn't be bitter about their exes. You will someone who is mature and can treat their ex well and talk respectfully about them. People need to be single for a while after getting out of a serious relationship. I recommend spending a month single for every year you were in the relationship.

  • Don't have sex right away - People who are marriage material aren't going to jump in the sack right away. They respect themselves and the other person too much to go there right away.  It's important to build the connection and bond so you feel comfortable once you get naked in front of that person. It should be a way to strengthen the relationship once established and your exclusive.

  • Okay With Change - This is something I hear a lot of 50+ year old women complain about. They feel some of the older Bachelors are just too stubborn and rigid. Someone who is too set in their ways and unwilling to compromise is not a good role model for a committed relationship. People should show they're willing to adapt and want to accommodate their future partner.

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