When you’re in a relationship, you'll naturally plan more and more life events together such as vacations and holidays. You’ll generally become more aware and considerate of the other person's schedule before making plans. This can either be a natural, smooth transition into being a considerate part of your relationship, or...it can start to feel like the slow suffocation of personal space and freedom. To avoid this, start planning out when the two of you have a date or when you plan to time with other people. You need to have that time apart so you have more to talk about when you’re together.

Keeping your friendships with other people is an important part of being your own person and feeling a healthy level of autonomy in your life. If you have a hobby that's important to you, make it known and don't flake on your own interests for the sake of your relationship! Down the road, you will regret not following through with these.

People feel caged in if they feel their time is being dominated and that they don't have the freedoms they once had. Make them feel like they’re choosing to spend time with you by asking "what day would you like to do something" rather than pouting when they tell you they have other plans.

Self-care is especially important in relationships because it's easy to lose yourself as your life eventually melds with another person's. If the relationship ends, you may feel like you don't know who you are anymore because you've given up the individuality that makes you, you. Some levels of personalities bonding together and schedules matching up is unavoidable in a long-term relationship, but keep in mind that it is essential that you still know who you are outside of the relationship.

What tips do you have to maintain your individuality while in a relationship? Share them in the comments below.