Relationships often start off easy, usually you'll want to spend every minute of the day with your newfound love interest. As easy as it is to slip into a co-dependent situation, avoid the temptation! This kind of clinginess, whether it's coming from one or both people in the relationship, is bound to get stale after time.

My advice to new couples is to enjoy the honeymoon period by keeping the mystery alive! Rather than planning to see each other every day, or every evening after work, plan actual dates 1 to 2 times a week. This will give you some space to miss each other, and you'll both be more satisfied with the relationship if you set a standard of "intentional" time together. Don't skip the excitement of a new romance to settle into the comfortable habit of always being around each other.

It’s important to realize this honeymoon period is just a phase of a relationship and all those feelings of excitement and butterflies are not maintainable. Eventually, we need to move into the next phase of the relationship and that is where the true bonding takes place.  I’ve seen some people become addicted to that first phase and just jump from person to person trying to find the right one who can maintain that “perfect” relationship we feel at the beginning, but the reality is there’s no such thing.

What tips do you have for people in the beginning phase of a relationship? Share them in the comments below.