We talk so much about being alpha and how women want the alpha male.  What happens when you meet a woman who really challenges you? A woman who is strong marches to the beat of her own drum, has high expectations for herself and from the guy, she dates.  Women nowadays are more independent and stronger than ever.  Gone are the days of women “needing” a man to help them.


Women are so caught up with work, school, and whatever other passion they’re pursuing. They have a lot of stress in their lives and need a guy who can help them to relieve it.  Laughter releases serotonin and is a great decompressor. The person who is your best friend and your mate should help to be you up and enjoy life with.  Laughing is the best way to do this. If you’re laughing and having fun together, then you want to be with that person, which is the most important thing if you’re looking for your future spouse.

Their compliment. Not their twin. Balance.

Some people think that Type-A women need someone who is more alpha and stronger than her.  This isn’t always the case.  If the guy is too Alpha then it could cause for more stress and competition.  She gets enough of that at work.  She needs a strong guy, but she doesn’t necessarily need the super alpha Executive.


Strong women will smell insecurity a mile away and bulldoze a guy over if he isn’t able to hold his own.  Alpha women need someone who’s confident and strong enough to call her out on her own bs. We all need our egos checked once in a while.  The Alpha woman’s personality requires someone to reign them in sometimes. My husband explains it as women are like the yippy Chihuahua dogs running all over and chirping. They think they’re the boss.  These strong independent women need a patient big dog who lets us do our thing and give us the freedom, but every once in a while the big dog needs to bark to remind the little dog there are boundaries.

Integrity & Honesty

Women are intuitive and they’re smart. They know when someone is up to no good without needing evidence.  Their gut tells them.  Shady characters are not going to get far with these women.  She needs a guy she can depend on.  His character needs to be strong and unbreakable. He needs to be a man who is committed to his morals and values.


Alpha women demand respect and also respect a man who is not afraid to challenge them sometimes. They require independence and their space to be respected as well.  Lying and deceit is one thing they don’t have time for and will cut you off the moment they feel you’re untrustworthy. Someone who doesn’t kiss their butts or belittles them when they’re angry will also be a good fit.  They have a lot of things to get done and no one is going to do it for them.  They’re constantly moving forward and are driven so they require someone who respects their time and their motivation.  If you try to hold her back, well good luck.


The Type A woman is very independent. If a guy thinks he’s going to try to control or tame this wild one, then they better think again.  She needs her freedom to come and go.  With the right guy, she’ll always come back and appreciate him.  The last thing someone should do is be needy or suffocate her.  It won’t work.


The Type A woman has to make decisions all day long and works hard. She doesn’t want to do that when she gets home and really wants a guy who will do his part.  Maybe even help her out from time to time. She wants a guy who has his own life and is self-sufficient.

Intelligence & Wisdom

In order to keep the attention of an Alpha woman, her partner needs to be well rounded as well.  She wants to feel like she’s learning something from her partner and growing by being with him.  They need to have intelligent deep conversations on everything from philosophy to organic foods. 


Women are sensitive. Even and especially alpha women. A guy who can be laid back enough and allow her to have her ups and downs and can let things roll off of him is going to be much more successful with her. Picking your battles with a Type A alpha woman is going to be really important. Also, how you talk to her about certain topics is going to be really important.  You don’t want to piss her off!

Not competitive

Some people think Type A women need to be challenged through competition. It may work for some couples to have a little competition, but this is not always the case. She has to compete in every other aspect of her day.  When she’s at home with her partner, it may be better for her to have someone who doesn’t engage in the competition. Afterall, would she be happy if she couldn’t win?

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Hope this helps you.  See you next time!

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