Here are some dating tips for social media dating: before, during, and after your date from LUMA Luxury Matchmaking CEO, April Davis.

Before the Date

Q: How long should you message before meeting?

A: Messaging back and forth can be time consuming. You have a lot of people that you’re having many conversations with, so you don’t want to do too much. So I always tell people they should go back and forth a little bit and then switch over to Facetime, Skype, or even a phone call. I personally really like Facetime, or even Google Hangouts, because that way you can actually see the person and make sure they look like their profile and also save time from messaging.

Q: Should you Google your date?

A: Well, I think it’s important to trust but also do your homework for personal safety reasons. You don’t want to do too much before you actually meet the person because you’ll start creating this fantasy of who they are and then when you meet them you’ll realize that they are very different than what you thought. So the bottom line is…trust but verify!

Q: How do you keep an open mind before a date?

A: You don’t know this person even if you’ve read their profile. Try and focus on the positive aspects of the person and what you like about them. Be open to new experiences and people having a different perspective than you!

During the Date

Q: Do you share anything on social media?

A: Definitely keep it off social media at this point! It’s embarrassing to see others posting on social media about all their different dates they go on each week. You don’t want to be that person.

After the Date

Q: Should you become social media friends with them right after the date?

A: I wouldn’t suggest that. You want to keep your boundaries since you’re just getting to know the person. It may come in time when you’re truly friends.

Q: What if the date doesn’t work out? How do you end it (without ghosting)?

A: If you just went on a few dates with someone, I think it’s really important to tell them or send a nice text message saying “you know what, I really enjoyed getting to know you but I don’t want to mislead you or waste your time. I think we can both agree that it’s just not a good match.” By giving them the opportunity to agree, it gives them the chance to save face and will feel less like they’re getting dumped.

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