What if I told you, I know 5 simple tips for you to increase interest from women that are not only EASY, but you can do it every day... Would you be interested?

What if I told you that you could incorporate these tips ANYWHERE, anytime, and no one would even know what you’re doing. Therefore, it makes it a NO-BRAINER to use them every day.

Does this sound like something you could use? Here are 5 tips to help you get women to chase you.

1. Leave her wanting more

When you talk to her you want her to feel like she’s getting something from the time spent with you.  She should feel like you’re delivering some sort of value to her such as making her laugh, telling her a great story, or just having a good conversation.  

Think about yourself as a generous person and your job is to deliver something to her that she’ll appreciate.  It’ll make you that much more attractive and leave her wanting to spend more time with you.

2. Don’t ask her.  Tell her.

When you invite her out you want to show her that you’re having a good time, you’re interesting, your life is exciting and that she should want to join.  When you ask someone to join you, there’s a bit of uncertainty there. Instead you should have the attitude and relay the impression that of course she wants to join you, who wouldn’t?  

Say, “We’re going to have drinks tonight.  Come,” versus, “do you want to come for drinks tonight?”  The latter gives an impression of uncertainty in yourself and a hint of doubt that she’d want to go.  

You want your message to say “of course you want to go”.  It’s more confident and portrays the “Leadership” type trait that women are attracted to.

3. You’re a Catch

She needs to see that you’re not desperate and that women like you, but you don’t want her to think you’re a guy who just sleeps around either.  Make sure she sees that you’re gregarious, chivalrous, charming, funny, and friendly to everyone.

Be extra polite and kind to the other women (especially older admin types).  Crack jokes and make sure she sees how fun you are with other people. That way she’ll see you’re an all around great guy that’s genuinely kind to other people.  This is a rarity and will set you apart from every other guy that’s probably been hitting on her.

4. Don’t be too eager or available

If you ask her out, portray that you’re a busy guy.  You don’t want her to think that you’re overly available and don’t have a life.  You want her to think that your time is valuable and that you’re a guy in high demand.

If she sees you’re busy, she’ll value your time and hold you in a higher regard.  She’ll also be less likely to flake on you because she knows your time is valuable and she’ll respect that.

5. Talk about the future

Not in a way that is all butterflies and rainbows, but make a prediction about the date/time together.  If you’re going for a drink, say something like, “You strike me as a martini/beer/wine drinker” and she’ll inevitably ask you why you think that so you’ll want to make sure you have a comeback or just say, “I don’t know.  Something about you makes me think that.” You could also say, “You’re not going to make me do shots or anything, right?” or “I’m not going to have to carry you to a cab after you have two drinks, right?” Be playful and fun with her and get her to think about the future outing and place herself there.  It will automatically make her sub-consciously commit to the date/get together so she won’t flake out later. Also, it shows her that you’re a dynamic man

You need to remember that if she’s an attractive woman in a male dominated environment, she probably is getting hit on constantly.  She’s going to have her guard up, but by following the above, you’re more likely to get through to her.

Hope these tips help. Do you have any other tips that you can share that would help others? Leave them in the comments below.


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