You’re talking to someone you think may have potential. However, there seems to be something missing and you feel like you’re getting mixed messages. It’s important to cut your losses early and not waste time on someone who isn’t able to commit to you. Here are 5 signs to watch for that’ll tell you if someone will not commit to you.

  1. They don’t think they can make you happy.  They’ll say things like they don’t think they’re good enough for you and it’s evident he or she has insecurity issues. They have a limiting belief that will hold them back from ever committing to you.

  2. You give all the bonuses of a relationship (sex, security, companionship, etc.) without actually having one. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

  3. If they critique little things about you, they’re saying they don’t appreciate your individuality. This person is looking for things and making up things that are “wrong” with you and push you away.

  4. They’re still talking to an ex still or another “friend” and won’t introduce or include you.  This basically says that you’re #2.

  5. If they value their friends and other people’s opinions and disregards yours, it’s showing you that others are held at a higher regard than you. You’ll never be good enough and always second rate.

Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Do you have any other ideas of signs to look for when considering if a relationship is going anywhere? Share them in the comments below. Did you like this video? If so, subscribe and click the thumbs up button below.

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