Women are hard to understand at times, almost like solving a rubix cube! There are ways to crack their code, Here are some tips to make the process of getting a girlfriend a little easier.

1)Break the Pattern

Chances are, the woman you are trying to ask out has heard every pickup line. Don’t be that guy! Instead, do something creative that the woman hasn’t seen before.

Women like novelty and humor, so the more unique you can be, the better off you are going to be in the end. Use banter and smile big so she knows you’re joking.  Just go for it and allow for playful back and forth. Some examples of what you could say are: You look like trouble… What have you done? How’d you know I was coming? Thanks for saving me a seat.

You’re trying to open the door for conversation and not trying to show her how clever you are. Think of it like the first sentence should make her anticipate the second sentence and so on.

2) Don’t be Afraid to go Against the Grain

By no means should you agree with everything a woman is saying. This will make you seem boring and prevent you from establishing a true connection with her. Instead, get into the conversation by challenging some of her ideas by asking questions. Show how much interest you have for the subject she is talking about and she will appreciate you. This will create similar interests, even if you don’t agree on every single thing, which helps you establish a meaningful connection.

3) Be Confident and Close

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is close the deal. If you see the girl is smiling and having a good time with you, you could say something like “You seem like a cool chick” or “You’re all right. Let’s continue this conversation and grab a drink some time” From there get her number.

What have you done to help get a girlfriend? What do you think definitely does not work? Leave your perspective in the comments below.  Also, let me know of any videos and topics you’d like to see?

Hope this helps you.  See you next time!