If you’ve done online dating you know there are waaay more men on those sites then there are women. See this past weekend I heard that there are actual websites that sell fake profiles to dating sites. For $15 dating sites can buy 10K fake profiles to make it look like there are more people than there really are using their site. So ya that exists.

I’ve heard estimates that 90% of the profiles are men. Well at Luma, we have the opposite issue. 70% of our database is women. Women love Matchmakers because they love having a filter for all the creeps and weirdos out there.

We actually meet personally with people and see them in order to ensure they’re not just some troll that drools in his parent's basement. My apologies for offending any trolls out there online, but my point is that we have a lot more women

So guys, if you’re looking to meet a great lady for a real relationship, then you’re going to want to check out Lumasearch.com and schedule a meeting with a matchmaker. It’s a personalized service, not just a dating site. We look forward to meeting you!