Attracting a woman doesn't require you to have a ton of money or a fancy car. Even if you're not the most outgoing person in the world, you can still get women to pay attention to you. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Start Being Optimistic

A negative doesn't always have to remain a negative. If she says she doesn't like a man with a certain characteristic you have, let her know why it's a benefit or make a joke of it. Women love a man with a sense of humor. Or if the girl says she's already taken, don't take it as she just set up a barricade or rejected you. Instead, come up with a response that's witty or can turn the conversation in a way that's beneficial to you. By doing so, you'll be able to have a chance to woo her.

2. Be Stronger

You always want to show a woman you're in a higher position than her. She doesn't want a man to boast that he makes more money than her or he has a better job or he has a higher social status, but she does want to know you have a strong sense of direction in life and that you know what you want out of life. People with goals and drive are attractive. She wants to know you're more in control than she is. Don’t show weakness or put yourself down unless you’re using self-deprecating humor of course.

3. Don't Be Just Another Man

She's heard the pickup lines, which means you need to do something that makes a strong impact and shows her you're not just any other man. Whatever you say to her needs to make you stand out. Think of something unique or funny to say to her within the first minute of speaking to her. You need to think of a response to her response and then another response to that. You will want to think this out in your head beforehand and practice. Women love a guy with wit and this is your chance to demonstrate it.

4. Connect With Her

Making a connection with her doesn't necessarily mean you need to agree with every word she says. In fact, it doesn't even mean you need to have a single thing in common with her. What it does mean is that you show her you're passionate about whatever she has a passion for. Ladies don't want a bobblehead doll that nods in agreement with everything they say. A woman wants a man with his own unique opinions.

5. Always Be Closing

We saved the closing part for last, but it's definitely not the least. You need to always be closing. Men might miss out on an opportunity for not following the aforementioned steps, but many times it's because they end up in the friend zone. They end up losing their courage or just having no idea how take it from friendship to something more. If you find yourself at the end of your conversation and you haven’t exchanged contact info, just say, “It’s been fun talking to you. I’d like to finish this conversation some time.  What’s your number so we can grab lunch?” Simple as that.

What tips do you have to attract women? Also, do you have any other questions for me that I can help with advice? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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