Dating around the holidays is the best. There's so much to do to keep things interesting and exciting. To help make your love life a little smoother and more relaxed this season, be sure to follow these holiday dating dos and don’ts.

DO - Be the “Lady in Red” or the “Man in Red” for that matter. Take advantage of the season colors and wear red to attract attention to yourself.  Red not only helps put the the spotlight on you, but you’ll also feel radiant and confident when going around chatting it up with people at the holiday parties. Research has shown that red not only acts as a sexual sign in women, which attracts men, but that men in red also are attractive to women.

DON’T - Go over the top and buy the person you’re seeing ridiculously elaborate or expensive gift. It’s important to be on the same page, because it could be embarrassing for both of you when you realize that you’ve given him/her something way more expensive/time consuming/elaborate than the giftcard to Macy’s they bought you. You may think that your thoughtful gift of a cd with all the songs you’ve listened to while out on dates is sweet, but this can be perceived as a little obsessive.  Also, buying him/her an expensive watch or something may get you a great reaction and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it, but you want to be sure you’re on the same page of the relationship and you’re not overwhelming them with your love and affection.

DO - Get a life.  Make your own plans.  If you’re dating someone and they haven’t suggested that you spend the holidays together, then it’s best to plan on flying solo.  The time apart can be good for your relationship anyway and you never want to smother the person. It’s important

DON’T - Envy other people’s unhappy relationships.  If you find single during the holidays, it’s nothing to get down about. You may think that so and so over there is lucky because they have a significant other, but the fact that over 50% of marriages end in divorce should be a relief to you that you’re not having to deal with that.  Surround yourself with friends and activities that make you happy and fulfilled. You’ll meet the right person eventually if you put your best self out there.

DON’T - If you’re in the early stages of dating someone, don’t try to play wifey/hubby role - favors/chores/errands for them, get "couples" photos/christmas cards, etc.. Putting up the christmas tree in his/her place, making cookies, all those things can be a bit overwhelming for unless you have moved into a more serious phase of a committed relationship.  How do you know if you’re in that phase? Well have you met their family? Are you planning on spending the holidays together? If you overwhelm them, you’ll end up pushing him/her away and feeling smothered.  Play it cool and do something for yourself instead.

DO - Get out there and take advantage of all the holiday parties going on.  It’s easy to get down with the seasonal blues so it’s important to keep yourself busy and meeting new people especially if you’re single.  Don’t forget to wear red ;)

DON’T - Invite them to work holiday parties or family gatherings unless you’re in a serious committed relationship and/or they’ve met these people in the past.  These events can be high pressure on the person and most people just look at their watch the whole time because they’re at the party out of obligation. If you do invite them, be sure to spend the time at the event with them.  Don’t leave them out there solo to fend for themselves. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun.

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