Small lies tend to become bigger secrets over time. While it may seem more convenient to not disclose certain aspects about yourself (lying by omission) at the beginning of a relationship, the amount of stress will build over time. Secrecy will create distance between you and your partner as the relationship progresses, not to mention needing to remember all the lies and the cover-ups that follow. 

For instance, a small lie like "I want to get married...someday" will escalate into a huge problem down the line when your partner discovers that you don't believe in monogamy and aren't interested in that type of commitment. It's better –for BOTH of you– to disclose information at the beginning of a relationship. This not only spares hurt feelings and confusion but also doesn't waste anyone's time!

An example of a secret that is, unlike above, "okay" to keep from your partner is something that may be unnecessarily harmful, such as your "number." Every person has a different take on an appropriate number of sex partners that they'd prefer their partner to have had in the past. Choosing to keep your "number" private has multiple advantages, and does not hurt your partner.

Honestly, in 2016, it's not a question that should even be asked! Due to changing gender roles, it is no longer something that should be weighed for or against you, regardless whether you're a man or a woman.

What matters is where they are at now and how committed they are to you and the relationship; the past is the past and does not need to be shared with others, unless you choose to. Each person's history makes them who they are today; if you like the person you're with (and you should), you shouldn't need to know every detail of their previous sex life.

Do you think small white lies are no big deal or are they a real issue?  Share what you think in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  See you next time!