What is the one thing that is inevitable in any kind of relationship? An argument.

Arguing is a natural part of every relationship. The truth is, no two people are ever going to see eye-to-eye on every single issue, and that's okay!

A friend of mine just got divorced, they bragged for years that they never argued. The fact of the matter is, they never actually talked about the things that bothered them. They would stuff any potential conflict away until it became too much to bear and was impossible to fix. Arguing can actually be healthy! It is a way of discussing what is important to you and can even help bring you closer as a couple.

Embrace the differences between your partner and yourself, and you'll grow as a person! You're dating someone that isn't identical to you, and you should celebrate and enjoy their perspectives, even if they aren't the same as yours. Arguments about household chores, movies, dinners, etc., are bound to occur and are definitely OK to have. The point where arguing becomes toxic is when one or both of you start engaging in "below-the-belt" style fighting. It's important to fight fair, no matter what the topic is! Constantly bringing up past grievances, or pushing your partner's "buttons" in order to get an emotional reaction, are not healthy. Even during an argument, your partner should know you both still care about each other, even if you are angry in the moment.

How about you? What are your thoughts on arguing with your significant other? Share them with us and leave them in the comments below.