She’s Just Not That Into You

When out in the public, women are polite and even sweet to people they don’t even know.  This friendliness is often mistaken for interest and even flirting.  I like to refer to this phenomenon as sexual misperception and it refers to men who vastly overestimate women’s interest in them. I would estimate that almost every woman has experienced a man who mistakes courtesy for sexual interest.

This isn’t something that’s limited to only American culture.  I know I’ve experienced it first-hand all over the world. This is why I believe many women resort to wearing their RBF resting bitch face for a good majority of their days rather than making eye contact and flashing a friendly smile to people they encounter.  Women feel the need to protect themselves and an unfriendly expression is just the trick to ward off unwanted advances.

Although women may not be interested in every guy who attempts to hit on you, that doesn’t mean we should stop being polite.  It’s important to remember these guys have feelings too and the way you react towards them may be the difference between them ever attempting to talk to a woman again or not.  I know many guys who are very sensitive and the last thing they mean to be is creepy. Always be polite.

As a man, you may misinterpret her interest or overestimate her interest, but don’t let that stop you from making the first move.  You wouldn’t believe how many women complain to me that men don’t know how to pursue anymore.  They’d love to meet a guy organically like in a grocery store versus dealing with the online dating apps.  

This is why we just need to learn to let things roll off our backs and never really take dating and anything one person says or does too personally. Don’t take it wrong or personally when a guy hits on you when you thought you were just being polite and nice. And guys, don’t let that one rejection get to you.  More often than not there are external factors that are influencing her openness to you.