4 Habits Necessary To Date The Women You Desire

There’s a ton of conflicting information available online regarding dating and how to meet women. In fact, there’s quite a bit of misinformation as well. That’s why the Matchmakers & Dating Experts at LUMA got together to come up with a few characteristics we see in almost every man who is very successful with the ladies. These are easy, but often overlooked tips you can incorporate into your daily routine to significantly increase success in your dating life.

Don’t Tolerate or Settle

There are very few people in your life you should have to tolerate … and the person you’re romantically involved with is without a doubt, not one of these. Never sell yourself short. Many guys find an attractive woman and feel like they need to stay with her because she’s beautiful and they won’t catch another who is equally or more beautiful. Or … they settle for a woman who they are not truly attracted to for the same kind insecurities, feeling like there isn’t someone better for them out there. These limiting beliefs are self-imposed and can be removed the same way they were instilled.  Tell yourself you deserve more and better. There are thousands of women out there who are the ‘complete package’. Women who are beautiful, successful, and a delight to be around. Break the habit of settling for things in life; if you are not happy, don’t stop until you find what you’re looking for.

Learn and Adjust

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results –this is part of our company motto and it holds true here as well. Much of this may be new to you, so you’ll probably make some mistakes and that’s OK. Remember, perseverance. Just make sure as you move on, you take note of your errors and learn from them. Making some initial mistakes is actually a good thing because you’ll learn a lot in short order. Just learn and then adjust, then repeat learn and adjust.

Focus On Your Strengths, Know Your Weaknesses

The most charming ladies’ man knows what he’s good at and also what he’s not. You can expand this into personal and professional skills, but here I am talking about your strong points and weak points when it comes to your ability to interact with women. If you’re funny, use that to break the ice or build rapport. Maybe you have no problem introducing yourself and carrying a conversation with a woman, but you have trouble closing the deal and actually asking her out on a date. Figure out your weakness and work on it. You can often use your strength to support and work on your weakness. An entertaining guy with a good sense of humor who has a fair case of approach anxiety can use his joking nature to approach women.

Play Up To The Competition

People who are experts or elite in their field did not get there alone, nor did they get there by learning from others who are only average. Great athletes had great coaches, great academics had great professors and so on. So, get in the habit of positioning yourself around people who can help you help yourself. When you’re out to meet women, there is nothing better than an awesome wingman.

Very few ‘ladies’ men’ were born with inherent lady-killing charm, but it is something that anyone can work on, build up and be successful with.  It just takes learning, practice, adjusting, then repeat.

Do you have any other tips or advice on how to be successful with becoming a ladies man?