When you start seeing someone new you’re crazy about, of course, you want to see them as much as possible.

It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s invigorating…

You want to get to know them. The texting, afternoon calls, and sweet gestures become the highlight of your day. You think this is getting good and you're getting more and more attracted, but then something else happens. An awkward silence or mundane response suddenly appears.


We start to replay the old messages and trying to understand what was missed.  Why is that?

Did you do something wrong? Did you misinterpret something?


Here are the signs to look out for in order to know if someone is in fact not interested.

1) They don't ask any questions about you

If someone isn't curious about you and asking how you're day went, they're probably just into themselves or someone else. Someone who is interested, acts interested.

2) They don't make time for you

They're always too busy.

3) They take too long to get back to you

If they take days to get back to your text or call, they're not prioritizing you.

4) They don't introduce you to their friends and family

If they like you, then they'll want to show you off.

5) They never make future plans

If she doesn't suggest alternative dates. If they call or text at 9:00 suggesting you come over at 10, that's not the kind of response you would want if you want a long-term relationship.


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