So you wrote a good bio, posted your best pics of yourself in your brand new outfits, and then sent out a bunch of messages, pokes, winks, etc. and then... crickets. 


Maybe you hear back from one or two women. 

Maybe the incredibly gorgeous 21-year-old with model quality images messages she really wants to meet you, but you just need to send her $2000 then she can fly in to meet you, because, of course... she lives in Africa. 

Or there's the all too common occurrence of your date's photos being 10 years (and 20 lbs) out of date.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? 

Online dating can be incredibly frustrating especially for men. 

In this week's video, Matchmaker and Dating Coach, April Davis, explains just why online dating plain sucks for guys.

You won't want to miss her story about a friend that tried Match for only one weekend!

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