Interested in dating a millionaire? Our Dating Experts have advice for how to date someone so successful.

1.  Don’t be intimidated by the word “millionaire”

They have more money that the average person, but on a deeper level that does not make them much different. Do not ask about their monetary status, it’s perceived as tacky and rude.

2.  Treat a date with a millionaire like any other date

Sometimes you may not even know if you’re on a date with a millionaire; though with Google it could be hard not to.   

Try not to cyber-stalk them too much, get to know them while on your date! For conversation tips for your first date, click here!

3.  Millionaires look for attractive and intelligent individuals

Since millionaires can afford high-end matchmaking services they often are able to be pickier than the average person.

4.  Men millionaires prefer to date a non-millionaire

According to a study of 15,000 members of, the vast majority of millionaire men, 79.6 percent, seek out non-millionaire women. 

5.  Women millionaires prefer to date another millionaire

While according to the same study mentioned above, 84.5 percent of the female millionaires would prefer to date another millionaire.

6.  Look the part

Choose clothes that are classy, well fitting, and flattering.

Women, stick to the rule of highlighting one part of your face with makeup such as a red lip or a dark eye, but not both

7.  Act like a lady or gentleman

Treat them with respect, just like you should on any other date.

Stick to only one drink, two maximum.  No one, especially not a very successful man or woman, wants to waste their time on a sloppy drunk date.   

8.  Never hint or ask for something of monetary value

If they offer you may accept, but do not bring it up.

9.  Be positive

This tip should be used for every date, and every day in general! It’s common sense that people like positivity!  Be your best and most positive self to make a great impression.  


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