Hi, I’m April Davis with LUMA Luxury Matchmaking.  What I’m about to say may bother you and might even shock you, but hear me out. Right now is great time to bite the bullet and finally end that bad relationship.

Spring and summer are ideal for starting a new relationship and using the summer to get to know your new partner through casual fun dating is great! However, when fall arrives, and the weather gets blustery, it's tempting to settle down with a person for a few months of "Netflix". Avoid the temptation! Don't get serious with someone just because the weather is getting cold and it’s convenient--you'll regret it when you have to make the big decisions about whether to introduce them to your family at the holidays or how much you should invest in holiday gifts. 

We all know that the longer you stay with someone, even if the relationship isn't healthy, the harder it is to separate. Fall is a great time to be single! 

Use your newfound independence to do something you've always wanted to: Take a class, start a hobby, or join a social group! You may be able to meet a person that is as serious about a relationship as you are and you'll find a better match.

Do you agree?  Share what you think about dating in the winter months in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  See you next time!