Once a new relationship wears down, it gets lost in the tumultuous cycle of our lives, as we also have to balance a million other aspects along with it. It is up to you and your partner to replenish your love life and maintain a healthy relationship. Ditch the typical movie date and dinner, as that becomes boring after years of repetition. Instead, here are five ways to stay creative and original while dating!

1. Plan for fun. Instead of the same old, try doing something the two of you have never done together. It’s tempting to go for the simpler options like going out to eat, but it is a mundane routine. Try something spontaneous like going to an amusement park, and appreciate the childlike visuals and the delicious finger foods. Even though you might have gone to the amusement park yourself, it’s a completely different experience when you go with a lover.

2. Be more adventurous. Try something active with your significant other that will get your heartbeat racing. For instance, exercising together is beneficial for your health and relationship, as it promotes teamwork and encouraging one another, and that’s the essence of a good partnership! You can also try rock-climbing together, as it’s a fun way to spend time with each other, and even compete to see who can climb the fastest and highest. When you exercise, chemicals from the brain get released, so the two of you will feel happy overall.

3. Make a bucket list with your date about things you have never done, but want to do someday. Also, make sure to get around to checking the list off! It’s one thing to want to do something, but doing whatever it is with a partner is always an infinitely better experience. This will scintillate your romance with your partner without question. Planning it all is an exciting process as well, and gives you that quality time to spend with your loved one. 

4. Embrace the differences of opinion. No relationship exists without its moments of awkwardness. Keep your relationship lively by enjoying light moments, cracking jokes, and laughing off potentially uncomfortable situations. When you and your partner are able to have fun together, it brings new life to the romance. If there's a disagreement between the two of you that doesn't warrant a battle, make light of the situation and revel in the uniqueness and openness the two of you have cultivated through your diverse opinions and backgroundIt's also a great way to break down barriers that may remain in your relationship, even after years together. By acknowledging differences and uncomfortable realities, you can ease tension and add dimension to your relationship. 

5. Surprise your partnerOnce you've settled into the relationship, it’s easy to fall back on such “easy” dates like going out for dinner, and neglecting to think of them as a romantic interest. Keep the energy in your relationship by surprising them with something that you know they love, or something completely new that they might love. They will definitely appreciate the effort of your creativity and thoughtfulness. 

By following these five steps, you can liven up what you once considered to be a boring, worn out relationship. Relationships require maintenance, and keeping the energy and enthusiasm is something that needs to be considered and nurtured. 

Let us know in the comments how you keep the magic and fun alive in your relationship!