As a Matchmaker and Dating coach, I am never surprised anymore.  Somethings you think are common sense, but not everyone is aware of what they should or shouldn’t do. The Matchmakers and LUMA Luxury Matchmaking compiled a list of the top 15 tips.

1.  Don’t tell her how much money you make or what kind of car you own if it’ll indicate you’re wealthy.  Be humble.  

It’s a huge turn on to women when they find out on their own how successful you are.

2.  Chivalry goes along way!  Open the door for her, help her with her coat, her chair, etc..  Opening the car door is rare and will be greatly appreciated.  If you meet her at her home, go to the door and ring the doorbell or knock.  Don’t just text her from the car or honk.  These little things will go far.

3.  While at dinner, be sure to use the proper utensils and a napkin.  Keep the napkin on your lap and dab your face to ensure you don’t have anything on it.  A fork is made for poking at food, not scooping.  Use your knife not your fingers to help you eat.

4.  Say, “Excuse me” if you have to run to the restroom.  Always a good idea after you eat to check your teeth

5.  Don’t drink more than 2 drinks

6.  Be classy.  No swearing or talking negatively about anyone.  Be sure to be polite and kind to the people around you - the Wait-staff, Gas Station Attendent, etc.  Women notice these things.

7.  Stand up straight.  There is probably no bigger deterrent to a second date than seeing a guy who is hunched over and looks weak.  She wants a man, so stand up straight and be one.

8.  If you want a 2nd date, then you need to pay the full bill. Period.  No woman wants to date a cheap ass.

9.  A hug and a kiss on the cheek or forehead is a classy way to say hello and goodbye.

10.  Be charming and gregarious - Make her feel comfortable.  Making her laugh is a sure way to make a great impression.  

11.  Take interest and be engaged - Ask if she has any pics of her pets or kids if she mentions she has them.  

12. Give a compliment.  If you’re thinking something nice, you may as well say it.  This makes her smile and you feel good about yourself as well.  Of course, don’t be a creeper and say something about her breasts, body, etc.  Just say, “You look great!”.

13.  Don’t discuss politics, religion, or dating and dating sites in general. You’ve been on this planet long enough to have a thousand other topics to discuss instead.

14.  Show your inner Alpha.  Women want the Alpha male, the leader, the guy who isn’t afraid to make decisions.  Confidence is key.

15.  Don’t talk about your EX! If the topics comes up, don’t say anything negative and just be respectful. Try to change the topics asap.

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