Hi I’m April Davis, Dating Coach and Matchmaker with LUMA Luxury Matchmaking.

Have you ever received one of those cryptic texts that left you looking at your phone. What does that even mean? Today I’m going to discuss 3 text messages that people consistently send and how you, as a self-respecting individual can respond.

1) The I’m bored text

This is the text you receive when the other person is looking for you to entertain them a bit. They might just send you a quick text saying “Hi” or “Hey”. Don’t fall for it. I want you to put in as much effort as they did initially and send them back a smiley face emoji or respond with a Hey! Back. Make them put in the effort to engage in conversation with you and ask questions to show interest in you. If they don’t, then move on.

2) The Back from the moon and wanting to “meet up” last minute

You know the kind of message I’m talking about. This is a booty call or some may have experienced a foodie call – when they want you to buy dinner so you can feed them – A Foodie call. If someone made tentative plans and falls off the planet and then suddenly returns with a message wanting to get together last minute. This is your time to take control of the conversation and decide who’s going to set the dialogue and when. Say something back to them that is confident and kind of funny. You want to tease them a bit, which messes with their emotions a bit. You could say something like, “Is this John (or Sara or whatever their name is). I thought maybe you were kidnapped ;) I’m in my pjs now or out with friends. They’ll probably come back and say something like “Oh I thought we were getting together tonight.” You can say something like, “Well I had assumed you were flaking on me since I hadn’t heard from you earlier;)” with a winking emoji.  This shows that you have standards you expect to uphold and you respect yourself. Also it shows you can be fun by adding the wink. You’re not being crazy or rude. No one wants to be le labeled as a flake so they’ll likely come back and show you they’re not.

3) The Looking for Validation and Attention Text

This is the text you receive from the person who has put in very little effort into you and then all of a sudden sends you some warm affectionate text like “thinking of you”. Now some people may think this is sweet and charming. You may even think of my gosh, they really do like me and this is going somewhere all of a sudden, but here’s what the message really is telling you. They’re telling you they need some attention and validation back from you. Don’t message them back, “Oh I’ve missed you and blah blah blah. Simply say, Thanks ☺ Don’t give in to them and give them what they’re looking for.

What other text messages have you received that you want help decoding? Leave them below!

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