The opposite sex and dating can be confusing at times. It can be really frustrating trying to decipher what people’s intentions are and what they really mean.  They’ll act one way to your face and then completely different over the phone or via text or maybe they’ll completely disappear altogether. Today we’re going to dissect what people really mean when they say certain things.

1 ) What made you decide to go out with me?
Interpretation: Let’s talk about my favorite subject for a bit…Me. My self esteem could use a little boosting from some flattery and I am looking for validation. The subject of me is the most interesting one out there. Also, I’d like to know how my profile is working for me and if there’s anything I should change or beef up a bit to help me get more dates.

2) I’m really busy with work right now

Interpretation: You’re going to hear me say this throughout our entire relationships and I can tell you that I had warned you up front. Relationships are not my biggest priority, they’re more for entertainment when I have time.

3) Why are you single?

Interpretation: You’re attractive and seem like you have your stuff together. I haven’t seen any crazy signs yet, but I’m a bit insecure and feel like I’m missing something here. Do other people think you’re that attractive too?

4) Why’d you get divorced or break up with your ex?

Interpretation: I’m not all that creative and don’t understand boundaries so let’s talk about the one thing I know we have in common – the fact we’re single and have been in relationships in the past. Make me feel good about myself because I want to hear just how bad your ex was.

5) My ex was crazy, a narcissist, drama queen, etc.

Interpretation: I was the victim in my last relationship and cause otherwise normal people to act insane.

6) What are you looking for in someone?

Interpretation: I want you to lay your cards out there and tell me something really personal before you know me. I need know what I should hide from you and want to find out if I am disqualified from dating you.

7) I’m just looking to have fun right now

Interpretation: I’m not willing to commit although I’ll act like we’re in a relationship and then down the road in a couple months from now when things start to get serious I’m going to remind you I was just looking to “have fun”

8) My same sex friend is like my sister or brother

Interpretation If we start dating, we’re going to argue about this “sibling relationship” in the future just like I did in my last relationship

9) I’m glad we did this. We should get together again sometime.

Interpretation: I’m just being polite. It’s highly unlikely that will ever happen. The “sometime” at the end is the giveaway here.

10) I just didn’t feel the chemistry on our date

Interpretation: I’m not attracted to you

11) I’m looking for someone who’s more active

Interpretation: I think you’re fat

Don’t hate me for that last one. I’m just the messenger here.

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