We have an epidemic in today’s society with women and men.  The gender roles have been shifting over the years and men aren’t sure what they’re supposed to do when it comes to pursuing a woman they’re interested in. Women have become increasingly independent, and therefore, intimidating, which makes guys afraid to do anything at all or they do the wrong things.  Some women also have a tendency to be rude when a guy approaches them, which just feeds the cycle. So what’s a guy to do? Follow these tips and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

1) Don't Play it Cool

This is the tragedy I see all too often.  Men think that if they hang back and play it cool then she’ll come to them or they think that they’ve shown interest and they wait for the woman to make the next move.  Well this is not how our society works. Women love a guy who is determined and will go after what he wants and women constantly are complaining to me that guys won’t approach them.  Men are expected to pursue. Just know ahead of time that you’ll win some and lose some. It’s nothing personal. It’s a numbers game and you have to let it roll off your back.

2) Real confidence vs Fake

Everyone will tell you that women are attracted to confident guys. This much is true, but fake confidence is prevalent in some guys, which is really just a cover for insecurity.  Fake confidence is what I consider cockiness and while it may work for some guys, most intelligent and truly confident women will reject it.

It’s better to invest in yourself and build up your personal brand.  Think of the person you most admire or the characteristics you wish you had, and then incorporate them into yourself.  

3) Always be On

So many people think they’ll wait until the time is right or they’re in the spotlight to put their best selves forward.  Would you wait until you’re presenting in a meeting to review the material? Probably not.

It is important to leave a good first impression when meeting not only women, but anyone. Always show your finer qualities. Are you a good listener?  then listen to what other people are saying and ask questions about the various bits of information they give you. Poke fun at yourself and playfully at others.  People love funny guys who can make them laugh. Now is the time to bring your best self forward, and save everything else for another day.

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Hope this helps you.  See you next time!