Professional Matchmakers in Dallas           

As we grow busier and more deeply invested in our careers, our social circles tend to shrink – who has the time to socialize, anymore?  Despite the world being more interconnected than ever, the pace of modern life makes it harder to look for the ideal mate.

But the search for love is not a dead-end street. With the help of a professional matchmaker in Dallas, finding love will never be a lonesome and disheartening endeavor.  No matter how big your goals are for your career and business, you don’t need to take love and romance out of the equation.

Never Settle

In your mind, you may have already created your notion of an ideal partner. Just because it can be challenging to find good, single men in Chicago, however, doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than your ideal. We leverage our experience to help you find a match who lives up to your idea of a perfect partner. Through a one-on-one consultation with your personal matchmaker, we take note of these preferences and use them when conducting an intensive, customized search.

If you are a successful, elite individual who wants to date a millionaire, let us help you. We have vast experience working with numerous VIPs, including time-starved business people seeking other entrepreneurs who understand their job, and busy career women looking for other successful women. Regardless of your preference, you can count on us to connect you with a kindred spirit with whom you can build a fulfilling relationship.

Find Your Match

If you think you’re ready to start looking for love, you’ve come to the right place. LUMA offers customized, luxury matchmaking services for busy professionals in Dallas.

April Davis started the company in 2010 by leveraging her matchmaking skills and passion for helping singles find love. Today, we have offices in over 19 locations across the US, each run by professional matchmakers who are equally passionate as our founder.  

Boutique-style Matchmaking

LUMA combines technology and professional help to give you a luxury matchmaking experience that you can’t find in conventional internet dating services – where a lot of time and energy are wasted and the probability of finding a match is low. 

If you’re at a point in your life where you can’t just while away the hours in front of the computer, introducing yourself to as many singles as you can until you find the right “one,” then let our matchmakers do the search for you. 

Membership Options

We offer two membership options for our clients – passive and premium. Becoming a passive member gives you access to an exclusive pool of 20,000 professional singles; all you need to do is create a profile and get the opportunity to be matched with one of our premium clients.

Or, let our matchmakers do an intensive, customized search for you by becoming a premium member. Our matchmakers only work with 15 clients at one time, giving you an 83% chance of finding “the one”. Plus, you’ll get a unique opportunity of getting feedback, coaching, and dating advice from our experts.

Get Started Today 

Your love life can be as successful and fulfilling as other aspects of your life, once you find the right match. But to achieve this, you must get yourself out there and seize the opportunity.

Our professional matchmakers in Dallas will arrange everything you need to have an incredible first date. Our approach to matchmaking is very personalized – from the one-on-one interview, and date coaching, to coordinating a memorable first date with the ideal match.

Start your search for “the one” with LUMA today and experience the most unique luxury matchmaking services in Dallas.