Dating in Houston is exciting: you have your pick of ribs or burger joints, the atmosphere exudes a Southern charm, and the list of exciting dating activities is long. There’s just one problem: as a single, successful bachelor or bachelorette, you might not have the time to explore the city in search of the one person you’d want to experience Houston with.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking will help you solve that conundrum. Our matchmakers will search our vast network in Houston for quality matches and set you up on dates that could lead to a strong relationship.

LUMA is a Luxury Matchmaking service for single, affluent Executives and professionals in the Houston, TX area. Not simply a dating service or site, we are an elite and exclusive boutique Matchmaker Search Firm who recognizes that you're more than just a number.

Through our high-end search service, we vet elite singles in search of a quality match for you. We cater to busy professionals who don't have time to online date or don't want to meet someone in a social setting. If you are serious about finding a healthy long term committed relationship, you have come to the right place. 





personalized Matchmaking

Searching for the right life partner is never easy, whether it is online or offline. The world of online dating and matchmaking has transformed into a data-driven system that can be tedious and draining. Even the most complex algorithms can't encode emotion and interpersonal skills.  

LUMA administers a unique and personalized matchmaking experience in Houston. Our pool of 20,000 singles and intensive search service promises a rewarding experience. We get to know our clients extensively, learning who they are and what they desire, in order to find the right match. Unlike other services, LUMA meets personally with you and your potential matches, ensuring compatibility.

April Davis, our Founder and CEO, designed the firm around her passion for helping singles find "the one," which is why we constantly look for new ways to innovate, continuously taking our service to the next level. We are all a work in progress, LUMA aims to help improve your odds of meeting, attracting and keeping a person you can spend the rest of your life with. Schedule an interview with one of our professional matchmakers in Houston, TX today.

Focused on Your Dating Experience

As much as we want to help everyone turn the tides of dating in their favor, we also believe that quality matchmaking requires paying close attention to our Houston, TX clients’ needs. So, our professional matchmakers only take on 15-20 clients at a time. This ensures we have enough time to get to know you and the characteristics you’re looking for in a life partner. Moreover, we won’t limit the search to people who fit the bill exactly; we’ll introduce you to people who we think, based on our vast experience and understanding of human relations, is someone you’d appreciate and find interesting.

We won’t let you go on a date unprepared, though. All our matchmakers are certified life coaches, and we can train you to put your best foot forward. We can provide up to five hours of dating coaching, where you’ll learn how to use your unique Southern charm to captivate your date.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking boasts a success rate of 83%, and we’re proud to have created sparks and fireworks in the lives of our clients. You could be the next.

Schedule an interview with our elite matchmakers in Houston.