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Dating couldn’t get any cooler in Philadelphia. The state is home to hopping bars, a thrilling night life, and abundant green spaces where you and your significant other can stroll on a lovely summer afternoon.

There’s just one problem: for all the young and hip bachelors and bachelorettes around you, it’s still been a challenge to find the one who understands you fully and complements you in every way. It’s difficult to search for the right life partner, even if the state you live in is filled with successful, single professionals.

If you’re frustrated about your dating experience in Philadelphia, then leave the work to Luma Luxury Matchmaking. We provide luxury search services to help professionals and executives increase their chances of finding “The One.” We expand your pool of options instantly⁠ — Luma boasts a network of over 20,000 singles who, like you, are career-driven and serious about long-term relationships.

We understand that you have high standards and you’re not willing to settle for less. With a pool this varied and diverse, we’re bound to find someone who matches your ideal partner.

More importantly, our matchmakers do the searching for you. As a busy professional, you might not have the time to immerse yourself in online dating or find a partner among your connections. Be a Luma Luxury Matchmaking client, and we’ll be the ones to scour Philadelphia for your dates.

We’ll give you a rich dating experience and open up roads that could lead you to your life partner. Talk to our matchmakers today.

Award-Winning Boutique-style Matchmaking

If there’s one thing our matchmakers can attest to, it’s the fact that searching for the right life partner is difficult. After all, he or she is the one person who will spend your life with, so it makes sense that they possess characteristics you admire — not something you find randomly on the street, barring quirky romcoms.

For people in the real world, the search begins on a dating app because it links you to thousands of people who are also looking for relationships. The problem, however, is that online dating runs on algorithms and doesn’t take chemistry or interpersonal connections into account. Moreover, the people you meet online may not be looking for the same level of romantic attachment as you are.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking works differently. To help you find, attract, and keep the right life partner, we leverage human connections; we meet you and your potential matches to check if you two really are compatible. Our matchmakers have an intuition that no app can hope to replicate.

Our matchmaking firm was borne out of our founder and CEO, April Davis’ passion to help singles find “The One.” It’s a special job; we take it seriously, and we always look for ways to improve our matchmaking services and help more people find the one person they want to share Philadelphia with.

Philadelphia’s Leading Luxury Matchmakers

Vast Connections

Our pool consists of singles who come from different professional backgrounds, with various personalities, interests, and quirks.

Dedicated Services

As much as we want to help everybody find the right life partners, we can only dedicate so much of our attention to a few people.

Streamlined Method

Key to successful matchmaking is following a tried-and-tested matchmaking method. At Luma, we begin the process with an in-depth interview.

Life Coaching

All our matchmakers are certified life coaches, which mean we’re uniquely skilled to help you win your date over.

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Jay and Kathi
"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Jason. He's the love of my life and we'll be forever grateful."
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Jason and Khrystena
"I am very pleased to be working with April and her staff. I cannot imagine dating in any other context."
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Kenton and Coleen

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