LUMA is a Luxury Matchmaking service for single Executives and professionals in Jersey City. Unlike other dating services, we are an elite Matchmaker Search Firm.

We provide a luxury search service for you by analyzing a variety of quality singles from our exclusive database in order to find your perfect match. We help professionals who are too busy to meet someone through online dating. Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love in your life. If you genuinely want and desire a long-term relationship, let LUMA illuminate your path to love.






Matchmaking - THE RIGHT WAY

The world of online dating and matchmaking has turned into into a data-driven system that is monotonous and exhausting. Even with the wide variety of sites, the chances of meeting the right match are low.  After all, even the most complex algorithms can't encode interpersonal skills and chemistry.

LUMA provides a unique and personalized matchmaking experience. We get to know our clients extensively by learning who they are and what they desire, in order to find the right match. April Davis, our Founder and CEO, created the firm around her passion for helping professional singles find "the one", which is why we constantly search for new ways to innovate and consistently raise our service to the next level.    

We know the search for the right life partner is never easy, whether it is online or offline. But with our pool of 20,000 singles and certified Life Coaches (A.K.A. our Matchmakers), we promise to provide a rewarding experience. Schedule an interview with one of our Matchmakers today.   

Ready to meet the love of your life?

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