With so many art galleries, tons of restaurants, and exciting activities, New Haven is truly a haven for culture vultures. And what better way to explore the city’s attractions than in the arms of the love of your life?

Unfortunately, it’s easier to find exotic dining options than a life partner who complements you perfectly. Even with a young and diverse population, it’s difficult to search for “The One” who will make life in New Haven much more satisfying. You may have a wide circle of friends, but because of your standards (which are perfectly understandable), you can’t seem to land somebody who piques your interest for long, someone with whom you share a special connection.

Let’s not even get started on online dating, where relationships easily wane and attraction fades away because people can easily find replacements. Moreover, digital dating can’t take the real-life chemistry between two people into account and relies instead on algorithms to “compute” the chances that the pair would work out.

What does a matchmaker have that dating apps don’t? Two things: interpersonal connections and intuition. Luma Luxury Matchmaking performs luxury search services, helping single professionals in New Haven who don’t have the time to break into new social circles or the patience for online dating.

If you’re serious about long-term relationships, then you’ve come to the right place.





Boutique-style Matchmaking

Unrewarding as it is, people still use dating sites because it connects them with a lot of interesting people. The vast quantity of potential matches, however, comes at a price: since dating apps run on an algorithm, it doesn’t truly know you, what you want, or what kind of person would be a good emotional match beyond the data inputted. Even the most advanced digital platforms can’t fully understand the complexity of a human personality. 

Luma Luxury Matchmaker ensures you get the best of both worlds. Our services grant you access to a huge network of single professionals but rely on intuition and human connection to make a match. Our matchmakers conduct in-depth interviews to know the real you, so we could find matches, who might just be the right life partner.

We understand that this is a huge undertaking, but we have the skills and the passion to see it through. April Davis, our founder and CEO, built the agency around her dedication to pair people up and start them on the road to forever. We’re true wingwomen at heart, and we always look for ways to improve our services.

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Connecting Two People in Connecticut

Finding the right life partner isn’t a walk in the park, which is why Luma Luxury Matchmaking pours a lot of time and energy into finding matches for our clients. We won’t simply bridge you with people who has all the characteristics you admire; we also set you up with people who we think would grow on you.

Trust us — with a success rate of 83%, we have helped many execs and professionals build happy and healthy relationships. We can do the same for you, too.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking takes pride in our:

  • Structured Matchmaking Method – To increase the chances of finding your perfect match, we follow a tried-and-tested matchmaking process. It starts with a comprehensive interview, followed by the search for a match, date coaching, and feedback.

  • Exclusive Matchmaking Services –Although we want everybody to find true love in New Haven, we don’t accept everyone as a Premium Client. Each of our matchmakers focus only on 15-20 clients, to ensure that we give them our undivided attention.

  • Date Coaching – On top of being supportive wingwomen, our matchmakers have also undergone extensive life coaching training, which means they can help you navigate the dating scene with ease. We help you put your best foot forward.

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