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We are an elite and exclusive boutique Matchmaker Search Firm based right here in Riverside CA. We are dedicated to helping you meet and keep the partner you can spend the rest of your life with.

With a vibrant lifestyle and a social calendar in full swing, it comes as no surprise that Riverside is home to California’s hip and trendy crowd. But with all the established as well as up-and-coming personages in the city, you can’t seem to find one whom you connect with on a personal level. Moreover, as a busy professional, you might not have the time to participate in the social whirl to find a like-minded life partner. No matter how connected you are, it’s difficult to find somebody who piques your interest, somebody you’d like to spend your life with.

Some try the crazy world of online dating, which expands their pool of dating options immensely. The catch, however, is that it often leads to unrewarding dating experiences. Online personas can be misleading and expectations are rarely met. Additionally, due to the abundance of easily accessible options, people on such sites are less compelled to exert effort into a relationship; they can always find a new date by tomorrow.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking restores the romance and excitement in Riverside’s dating scene. We provide high-end search services to professionals and executives and scour our pool of 20,000 singles, who like you, are serious about long-term relationships. We use our matchmaking intuition to open up paths that could lead you to “The One.”

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Matchmaking - THE RIGHT WAY

If you’re the type that looks for the spark of an instant connection or romance, then online dating is not for you. Dating apps have turned the dating scene into a data-driven, robotic system that relies on data and computations to match people. No matter how sophisticated the algorithms are, they cannot take human emotions and complex personalities into account; they cannot understand how chemistry works.

After all, some pairs who like the same things won’t necessarily work out, while others, who are vastly different from each other, can build healthy, loving relationships.

This, among other pieces of wisdom, defines the services provided by Luma Luxury Matchmaking. Our professional matchmakers believe that the warmth and nuances of a human connection are needed to determine which two people would make a wonderful couple. So, we get to know our clients extensively to find out what they look for in a partner and what they can offer in a relationship. Then, we search our network of singles to find quality matches, set them up on successful dates, and if the couple agrees, help them take things to the next level.

Our founder and CEO, April Davis, built Luma to help single executives find the right life partner. We have a special job, which is why we continuously find ways to improve our services.

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Finding Love in Riverside

Luma Luxury Matchmaking is the hallmark of matchmaking in Riverside, providing a rewarding dating experience to countless professionals and executives. In fact, we boast a success rate of 83%, proof that we’re the city’s most romantic and supportive wingwomen.

Our elite matchmakers:

  • Work with a Large Pool of Choices – We have a database of 20,000 single professionals, which goes beyond the limits of traditional dating. Our network is diverse, filled with people from different professional backgrounds and with varying interests. We’re bound to find someone who you’ll hit it off with.
  • Provide Attentive Services – Even though we want everybody to find love, we could only accommodate so many Premium Clients. Our matchmakers cater to only 15-20 clients at a time, to ensure that we give them our undivided attention.
  • Provide Life Coaching – All of our matchmakers are certified life coaches, which means we won’t let you enter a date unprepared. We can provide up to 5 hours of date coaching sessions to help you put your best foot forward.
  • Follow a Streamlined Match Method – Luma follows a structured matchmaking method that enables us to give you a smooth dating experience. It starts with an in-depth interview, followed by date coaching, searching for a match, and feedbacking.

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What can you expect from LUMA?

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"Imagine my surprise when I met the love of my life through LUMA. Thank you so much for changing my life!"
Jay and Kathi - Perfect partner at LUMA
Jay and Kathi
"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Jason. He's the love of my life and we'll be forever grateful."
Jason and Khrystena - Perfect partner at LUMA.
Jason and Khrystena
"I am very pleased to be working with April and her staff. I cannot imagine dating in any other context."
Kenton and Coleen - Perfect partner at LUMA
Kenton and Coleen

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